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So many people have been amazingly enthusiastic about this book. Here’s just a sampling:

Dan Zanes (maker of 21st century all-ages music and the Grammy Award winning album Catch that Train!): I wish this beautiful and inspiring book was around when my daughter was young but fortunately there are plenty of cool children around today who will devour what Inno is serving up!

Naomi Klein (author of The Shock Doctrine) and Avi Lewis (filmmaker): Full of wit, beauty and fun, we can think of no better way to learn the alphabet. We can’t wait to try it out with our baby!

Medea Benjamin (cofounder Global Exchange and Code Pink): This is the perfect gift for every child—and every parent—in your life. Fun, funny, exquisitely illustrated and brilliantly written with a message that is sure to resonate with kids, who have an innate sense of fairness. May a thousand young activists bloom!

Rona Renner (RN, Parent Educator, Host Childhood Matters RadioShow): Innosanto Nagara’s book “A is for Activist” is beautiful, inspiring, and offers an opportunity for parents to explore their values with their children. At this time in history we need books for children that use words like, justice, ally, freedom, and advocate. Our children are the activists who will help to heal the world.

Opal Palmer Adisa (award-winning poet, novelist, performance artist and educator. Former parenting editor and host of KPFA Radio Parenting show): A is for Activist is one of the most progressive books written for children, that provides them with a concrete example of a way of being beyond the everyday and the mundane. It is written from the premise that children are thinking beings and innately want justice and equality for themselves. Inclusive and engaging, definitely a book for the 21st century and beyond. Brilliantly conceived.

David Barsamian (Director, Alternative Radio): Brilliantly creative and innovative. A terrific mix of language and politics. Sure to engage young people and expand their minds.

Tomas Moniz (writer/editor rad dad zine, a zine on radical parenting): A is for Activist is a welcome addition to the family of kids books that speak to the possibilities of change, of proactive parenting, of creating community, of celebrating the powerful everyday people we have in our lives and in our collective histories. This book is rad!

Alli Chagi-Starr (longtime creative trouble-maker and founder of ArtiVISTA Consulting): Innosanto Nagara has created what we activist parents have been wishing for—a kids’ book that speaks the language of our hearts, promotes the values of our communities, and imagines a future worth building for our little ones—all while teaching the ABC’s!

Mei-ying Williams: We’re so excited to start reading A is for Activist to our soon-to-be preschooler! Maybe the fantastic images will inspire him to be an A is for Artist too!

Steve Williams: I wish there was a button for “LOVES IT”

Anne Ellsworth: I can’t wait to read this in full to our children!! H is for Hip Hip Hurray~!

Erika M Bernheimer: I swear, A is for Activist is for every parent out there who has yet to find a cool board A B C book, and for every child that hopes to grow up and start a revolution!

Kirsten Marshall: Oh, this project makes me so happy. It is beautiful and I’m excited to see it grow.

Abby Reyes: I just supported this new kids’ book by Innosanto Nagara … the book is guaranteed to be fantastic.

Toben Dilworth: This rules Inno!

Brooke Anderson: I can’t wait for the release . . . I have been following the release of the sample pages w amazement, and am excited to hear that pre-order sales are now live. Spread the word and order your copy today.

Lara Amin: Beautifully illustrated and thought-provoking children’s book by my friend (and former internship supervisor at the great Design Action Collective) Innosanto Nagara!

Azibuike Akaba: Dear friends . . . Inno, the author artist, activist has created a wonderful colorful, informative fun children’s book. Why? Because this is the children’s book that reflects many of the values we want our children to have. Love, sharing, standing up for the underdog, human rights, kindness and many more positive attributes we want reflected and seeded in our communities.

We want these positive themes are reinforced in our art, our stories, our poetry, cooking in the kitchen and in our children’s books. This book should be dog-eared in all of your libraries and bookshelves. Remember the children begin as witnesses and students and soon become teachers. This book gives them a head start.

Tiffany Woods (Health Care Provider, wife, mother of three): “What should I read to my kids today? For many parents, this is a daily question. What to read to our children that is educational and can teach some of the values that we want them to have. A new children’s book, “A is for Activist” does just that! Written and illustrated by Innosanto Nagara, this book is a feast of knowledge and visuals that teaches the ABC’s from an activist parents point of view of action, history, and inclusion. By including T for Trans, and L for LGBTQ, young readers also learn that it is Ok to be different and including all families is what truly makes a healthier community.

As a transgender woman, healthcare provider for the trans and LGBTQ community, and mother of three young children, including one with autism, I hear daily from clients of how bullying in school and discrimination takes a toll on the health and quality of life of LGBTQ children and LGBTQ families. Learning early on that it is Ok to be you and true to yourself as well as loving who you choose could save lives and create healthier communities. And now I get to read to my children a learning book that includes their moms and their family!”