"Through a re-visioning of the anthology format, award-winning children’s book artist and author Maya Christina Gonzalez conjures a night journey within which to showcase 23 new and emerging diverse children’s book ArtistAuthors from around the world. Some share windows into future picture books, some poemas, while others share memories and short stories. All are inspiration for kids to tell their story, share their art and know that all stories are important, because all stories are connected."

Whaleheart - Reflection Press
Journey into the Night with Maya Christina Gonzalez and 23 Courageous ArtistAuthors The Heart of It Anthology #1 Paperback, 84 pages Written & Illustrated by Maya Gonzalez With 23 New & Emerging Diverse Children's Book ArtistAuthors Intended Audience: Ages 4-10/Grades K-4 By the light of the moon, t…