“Finally! A sassy and heartwarming board book to teach our children the alphabet of humane values. Innosanto Nagara knows that activism begins in the cradle, but to be sustainable, it has to be wide-ranging, deep-rooted, and based ultimately on a sense of fun and community. A is for Activist covers all this ground with a playful rhyming style that makes you want to turn the pages and read the book over and over again.The illustrations are so colorful, beautifully executed, little works of art in and of themselves. What a great book for children of all ages. The Spanish adaptation by Martha Gonzalez captures the essence of the English original and makes it sing y cantar con todo el amor y cariño de nuestra cultura y lengua.”

Julia Alvarez

Author of numerous books including, A Wedding in Haiti: the Story of a Friendship and In the Time of the Butterflies, and founding member of Border of Lights, an ongoing movement to promote peace and collaboration between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, borderoflights.org