For anyone struggling with complex issues and small children, this is a useful framework: "When teaching a three-year-old about social issues and matters that will come up sooner rather than later in their lives, you must be able to communicate on their level. Basically, it has to be simple. Accessible. I was reading one of my daughter's favorite books to her ("A is for Activist"), and we got to the letter X which was Malcom X. When she asked me who he was, my mind flashed with all the complex and nuanced sociopolitical events and statements that dictated his public persona and personal conviction and thought how in the world was I going to convey that to a three-year-old? So I started slowly, and it finally dawned on me: he stood up to bullies and inspired others to stand up to bullies too. Through Black History Month, Hispanic American Heritage Month, and Women's History Month as promos cropped up to teach young ones about influential individuals in our history, I found this theme resonated over and over. The act of standing up against a bully, whether on a personal or systemic level, is an act of courage and heroism. My daughter told me quite earnestly she thinks Malcom X is a superhero and lists him among The Avengers since they help people too."

Frankly, Scarlett...: Wisdom of the (Young) Ages: Life Lessons from a 3-Year-Old