I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, and moved to the U.S. in 1988 to study zoology at UC Davis. A couple of decades later, I’m a graphic designer. I’m a founding member of Design Action Collective, a worker-owned cooperative design studio in Oakland that is dedicated to “serving the Movement for social change”. I’m very lucky to be able to do what I do best (graphic design) for the people and organizations I respect the most (activists) who are working towards a better world.

Photo by Brooke Anderson

Our family lives in a wonderful cohousing community in North Oakland that we call it The Orchard for all the fruit trees. There are 8 children who have all been coming up together in our community, so I’ve been reading kids books for a while. But when I became a father myself however, having books that reflected my values that were also fun to read became very important.

I originally just wrote A is for Activist for my son. But friends encouraged me to print more of them, so after a successful kickstarter campaign, I self-published it. It almost immediately sold out, and I had to decide what to do next. That’s when I was introduced to Seven Stories Press. With their help, we took A is for Activist to the next level. Then we worked with Martha Gonzalez (from the Grammy Award winning East LA band Quetzal) on a Spanish language adaptation. Then Swedish translation came out from Oppenheim förlag. And in the Fall of 2015, they published my second book, Counting on Community.

Following those successes, I started writing picture books. My Night in the Planetarium, a true story about Indonesia, the Art of Resistance, and how we overcome a dictatorship, came out in 2016, and The Wedding Portrait, a story about why sometime we have to break the rules, is due out in the Fall of 2017.

So stay tuned. We’re just getting started :).