Books for kids of the 99%

A is for Activist, Counting on Community, My Night in the Planetarium, The Wedding Portrait


A is for Activist

Advocate, Ally, Abolitionist.
Are you an Activist?


Counting on Community

What can you count on
in your community?


My Night in the Planetarium

A true story about a child, a play, and the art of resistance


The Wedding Portrait

The Story of a photograph and why sometimes we break the rules


Progressive Kids Books!

A is for Activist, A de Activista, and Counting on Community are board books for kids ages 0 to 3+ that you, the unflinching progressive with a child/children in your life, can truly enjoy reading over and over and over again. Every night. My Night in the Planetarium is a picture book about a child, a play, and the art of resistance. The Wedding Portrait is about why, sometimes, we have to break the rules.

Latest Updates

“Innosanto Nagara is writing a new kind of children’s book. Besides being a fun, rhythmic, and lively text to read, the book’s illustrations present a world of diversity and complex, inclusive beauty. We should shower our children, schools, libraries, and our communities with books like this one.”

Julia Alvarez

“It’s a stirring tribute to the power of the arts to challenge injustice, recounted with the confidence of a practiced storyteller.”

Publishers Weekly

Bold and honest in its description of why sometimes we need to break the rules, it reminds all of us in this political moment that it is this generation that is inheriting this world from us—and thus there is no better time to learn about how breaking the rules can change this country for the better”

Alicia Garza

Meaningful change begins with doing small things at the local level, like picking up trash on the street, helping a neighbor, planting a community garden. Counting on Community encourages our children to embrace the power within each of us to create the world anew, to become SOLUTIONARIES.

Grace Lee Boggs

“With gorgeous illustrations and an engaging narrative, this is art and resistance as seen through a child’s eyes, and told by a fantastic storyteller.”

Kate Schatz

“I loved this story so much, my God it is just like the reality we are living in, just like a mirror, it inspires and guides us to do what we need to do. . . . It is a story that gives us hope and tells us not to hesitate and it teaches our children to always follow the truth even if it is sometimes difficult.”

Nabil Al-Raee

The perfect gift for every child—and every parent—in your life. Fun, funny, exquisitely illustrated and brilliantly written with a message that is sure to resonate with kids, who have an innate sense of fairness. May a thousand young activists bloom!

Medea Benjamin

Cuando yo traigo libros a nuestra casa, quiero hermosos libros que seguirán siendo relevantes y significativos, y que demuestran respeto por los niños y una visión de un mundo sano. A de Activista fue una elección fácil.

Maya Christina Gonzalez

Es un libro sencillo y precioso que se presenta un alfabeto de coraje con la esperanza que se convierta en la lengua de una verdadera democracia.

Cherríe Moraga